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Ident - Aardman Animations

Watched 214 times

Ident (1989) is a short animation/claymation by Aardman Animations, the creators of Wallace & Gromit and Creature Comforts etc. (Also includes the first appearance of Rex the Runt)


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Conceived, animated and directed by Emma Calder.Springfield is a film about a vacuum cleaner, a cat, and a bingo hall. Using a wide range of drawing techniques, and working closely with a specially composed soundtrack, the story explores loss, alienation, and the psychological effects these things can have upon people in our society. Ultimately Springfield is about coming to terms with obsession, desperation and personal fear.Shown at animation festivals CH4 TV and world wide TV. Many press...


Watched 206 times

BODY BEAUTIFUL PART 2 An Animated Film by Joanna Quinn Harassed worker Beryl takes on the factory bully Vince, on his own terms.

Australian Raven - one of the world"e;s most intelligent animals

Watched 191 times

As a member of the corvid family, the Australian Raven is among the most intelligent of all animals. Adult ravens generally pair for life, with their bond strengthened by allopreening (mutual preening of head and neck). Nesting occurs in July to September and a tall tree or man-made object is chosen. Both birds build the the large bowl or platform of sticks, but the female finishes it off with a lining of bark, grass, feathers and fur. This particular pair was seen soaking small twigs and roots in...

Creature Comforts The Zoo 2 better sound

Watched 185 times